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Broadway West

About Us

We are a public benefit nonprofit focused on activating the historic theaters of the Broadway Theater District in Downtown Los Angeles.

Will you join us?

Broadway West IS:


We believe that diversity does more than strengthen. We believe that diversity drives
evolutionary innovations. As such, we were established with a natural inclination towards
holistic inclusion and diversity. Our founders and leaders have themselves been
precluded from participating in areas of society. This life experience and the simple
morality of social equity and inclusion motivates us in all that we do.


We see the future of the Historic Core neighborhood of Downtown Los Angeles. It’s a vision
of programmed theaters brimming with patrons who are stimulated from live theatrical
performances. We see a future performing arts landscape that values and rewards female
directors as much as males, gender-neutral characters free from ostracization, black
financiers and producers, and productions that reflect modern society. Broadway West’s
vision of the future may begin with the revitalization of LA’s historic theatre district, but our
vision reaches towards a not-so-distant future of social equity and inclusion in the
performing arts.

Broadway West has prioritized the inclusion of artists in every level of the Broadway West
organization. Who better to inform the goals and strategies that effect live art than artists
themselves? From performative and creative involvement to committee and planning
work, artists drive success of Broadway West. This community centrism is yet another way
that Broadway West is planning for long-term relevance.

Broadway West’s programs will be defined by their innovations. Our leading programmatic
innovation will be the creation of an annual award ceremony that recognizes the values
of social equity and inclusion as fundamental elements of excellence in the performing
arts. Just as the Oscars award excellence in a film’s cinematography, and the Tony’s
award excellence in New York Theater our annual Omar Awards will reward excellence in,
not only performance, but in social equity and inclusion in the performing arts. Additionally,
Broadway West will innovate through the creation of a new ticketing alliance that
promotes the programing and ticket sales of live entertainment venues across the city of
Los Angeles. The success of the Broadway West Ticketing Alliance will be powered by an
innovative software solution that increases awareness and revenues of LA’s live
entertainment venues.

Our Commitment to Diversity

Broadway West is built upon the foundation of the sacrifice of our ancestors who fought for the right for us

to express art freely. We are dedicated to respecting those who have come before us, the telling of their

stories, and the dedication and commitment to the stories of all who have lived on this planet. We strive to

be unprejudiced in our consideration of works to support. As biodiverse ecosystems are strong and resilient,

we believe that culturally diverse, creative ecosystems yield artistic excellence through technical and

narrative innovations. We are proud to foster the telling of the heretofore underrepresented stories of a

diverse humanity.

Broadway West is committed to providing full and dignified access for people with disabilities to all programs, structures and sites in its care. 

The mission of Broadway West is to create and maintain a world-class epicenter of live entertainment in a revitalized historic theatre district in Downtown Los Angeles.


Broadway West envisions a 21st Century DTLA where the transformative experience of attending live performing arts is essential to celebrating life in Los Angeles.


Meet the Team



Advisory Board

Paul Sheargold - Producer & General Manager 

Patti Berman - Senior Advisor - Creative Development

Henry Priest - Senior Advisor - Business Development

Evan Read - Advisor - Creative Development - Music

Brigham Yen - Advisor - Downtown LA Development

Eric Solis - Advisor - DTLA Proud Co-Founder

Kim McCarron - Advisor - Pfeiffer Partners

Sara Loy - Advisor - Pfeiffer Partners

Sean Tittle - Advisor - Pfeiffer Partners

Tony Duran - Advisor - Hollywood Chamber of Commerce

Samir Bitar - Advisor - Art of Consulting

Anders Bjerregaard-Andersen - Advisor - Pfeiffer Partners

Amelia Taylor-Hochberg - Advisor

Committee Members

Marketing & Outreach

Mayra Quiroz - Chair

Paul Sheargold - Member

Theater Renovation

Eric Solis - DTLA Proud Co-Founder- Member

Kim McCarron - Pfeiffer Partners - Member

Sara Loy - Pfeiffer Partners - Member

Sean Tittle - Pfeiffer Partners - Member

City Planning

Anders Bjerregaard-Andersen - Pfeiffer Partners - Co-Chair

Amelia Taylor-Hochberg - Advisor - City Planning Committee

Steven Martin - Member

Chasen Washington - Member

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