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There are 19 Unused Theaters in Downtown Los Angeles

Let's Bring Broadway West!

Join the #BringBroadwayWest movement to help #SaveOurTheaters and activate our Historic Theater District, get 500,000 artists back to work and bring over $6Bn in local commerce to #DTLA restaurants and small businesses by 2024.

The theater industry has been hit hard. It's up to us to save it.

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[I/We] are writing this letter in support of Broadway West, a precedent-setting organization dedicated to the revitalization of the arts in Downtown Los Angeles.

Broadway West will bring the theater district of Downtown Los Angeles back to life. With a mission statement that embraces diversity, love for the arts, cultural preservation, and major benefits to the community, BWW will create a renaissance of theater and music while attracting thousands of visitors to DTLA and generating millions of dollars in revenue every year.

When the arts flourish, community flourishes.  That is why [I/We] whole-heartedly support Broadway West, their mission, and aspirations.  Let’s Bring Broadway West.



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