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Exploring the World of DTLA Theatre: The Broadway West Podcast Takes Center Stage.

The Broadway West podcast is here! We are happy to share the launch of the new podcast with our first episode now live on Spotify. Embark on a journey with hosts Marcus Lovingood and Steven Martin, to unravel the tapestry of Downtown Los Angeles’ local theater scene, shining a spotlight on the incredible talent, captivating performances and unforgettable stories right here in our own backyard. Each episode will go behind the scenes to uncover the secrets, the dreams and the sheer dedication that goes into revitalizing our majestic theater district, combining the magic of Broadway with the electric energy of Los Angeles. 

In episode 1: "The Beginning", founder Marcus Lovingood shares the history and motivation behind the creation of Broadway West. Hear about the vision for Broadway West and its commitment to revitalizing the community from grants to produce original works, economic and cultural stimulation, and partnerships with community organizations and schools. 



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