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Broadway West

BROADWAY WEST is a public benefit nonprofit dedicated to activating and revitalizing the Broadway Theater District in Downtown Los Angeles. Watch the Video>


Gather 15,000 Signatures to support the "Bring Broadway West" Campaign. Signatures will be delivered to the offices of:

The Office of Los Angeles Mayor Karen Bass

The Office of Congressman Jimmy Gomez

The Office of California State Senators Lola Smallwood-Cuevas & Maria Elena Durazo

The Office of LA County Supervisor Holly Mitchell

The Office of California Assemblymember Miguel Santiago

All Subsequent Members of the:

Los Angeles City Council

Los Angeles County Supervisors

Los Angeles County Democratic Party

Read Our Current Support Letters:

Los Angeles City Councilmember Kevin DeLeon >

West Hollywood Mayor Sepi Shyne >

 Phase 1 

Help us raise $50,000 to pass a public arts funding ordinance in Los Angeles

Broadway West is working to support a public campaign to pass a Public Arts Ordinance through LA City Council in 2026 to support the operations of Broadway West and Broadway West Alliance Partners.

 Phase 2 Ordinance Campaign Launch -  2024

 Phase 3 Headquarter Launch - 2025

 Phase 4 Request For Show Proposals Begin - 2026

 Phase 5 Broadway West Shows Begin - 2027

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